Craig Fisher @fishdogs

Maybe they’re a tiny bit excited to go back to school :)
Birthday dinner for #3 capping off a full day of fun stuff. (at Cristina’s Fine Mexican Restaurant (Southlake))
Not taking risks is risky.  Agree? (at Mancave Fitness Center)
You’re going to find this hard to believe, but I kinda want to hit the lake this weekend.
Prove that lightning isn’t wizards fighting. You can’t.  
Happy Wednesday. (at FishDogs.com Social Biz Strategy)
Which will come first? (at Mancave Fitness Center)
Wow, beautiful night in Dallas for #soundgarden #nineinchnails  (at Gexa Energy Pavilion)
Hitting #NineInchNails + #Soundgarden tonight.  Expecting rain, great show, and exceptional people watching
Killer skies last night at #grapevinelake - blissful rain today. (at FishDogs Casa)
A little surfin.  W/ @txthib @greg_thibodeau #grapevinelake  (at Grapevine Lake)