Craig Fisher @fishdogs

Ready to set sail cap’n! @taver828 @bob_koewing (at Scott’s Landing Marina, Lake Grapevine, Texas)
Let’s hit the lake today. (at Mancave Fitness Center)
Fedora: $25
Pink headphones: $10
Brown fleece: $20
Realizing this silly combo is about to go on FB: PRICELESS http://ift.tt/1zeg55I
If you’re about to post song lyrics on social media, ask yourself is it worth it? Let me work it. I put my thing down flip it ‘n reverse it (at Mancave Fitness Center)
It’s almost #Friday. #unnecessaryhashtags
These 2 characters are enhancing the vibe at my home office today.   (at FishDogs.com Social Biz Strategy)
Before you decide to spend less time on social media, make sure you go to every social media website and tell everyone. (at Mancave Fitness Center)
Good times at #JayZ #Yonce w/ @tavern828 @mattcharney  (at Cowboys Stadium Star Level Suite)
#Regram @mattcharney It’s about to go down. (at AT&T Stadium)
My desk today: doing social strategy w/ @Braums_Inc recruiting.  Cool team! (at Braums Ice Cream - JOBS)