Craig Fisher @fishdogs

It’s Tuesday.  Be the person your dog thinks you are.
 (at Mancave Fitness Center)
Happy mattress sale day!
Beautiful day yesterday on #GrapevineLake w/ @tavern828 @bkoewing @punky0323 @rcoleh (at Scott’s Landing Marina)
Pretty amazing skies last night in North #Texas (at Hwy 80)
The Top 5 Things to Post on #Linkedin www.fishdogs.com (at FishDogs.com Social Biz Strategy)
Rainy morning in #Southlake #Texas (at Grapevine Lake)
#2 son is learning to play the Green Day version of The Simpsons.  My piano lessons were nothing like this.  #schoolofrock (at Mancave Fitness Center)
You had me at 0 mutual friends.  Seems like an excess of fake-profile strangers friending lately… (at Mancave Fitness Center)
Obligatory #backtoschool pic #firstdayofschool - they were pretty excited (at FishDogs Casa)
Good times last night at #580SunsetLounge (at 580 Sunset Lounge)