Craig Fisher @fishdogs

That blank stare kids (and dogs) have on the way to school. http://ift.tt/1mD9FHr
More Amazing #bigskies in #Texas http://ift.tt/1iQ4jYS
#bigskies #Texas http://instagram.com/p/nJz4MiL42G/
Today is wear your Easter basket as a hat day.  No?  My #2 son demonstrates just in case. http://ift.tt/1myC0yv
I follow these guys everywhere.  Sometimes I even lead. http://ift.tt/1iI261v
"Dad, I’m hungry!" #ThatFace! this weekend at the lake.  #3 and #1 sons http://ift.tt/1f0jpLX
Great to see @txthib @taythib @kenna_danielle and greg_thibodeau in their new habitat yesterday.  Nice house guys! http://ift.tt/1ffD6tS
Good times with my 3 Easter eggs and JT’s fun family. @tavern828 http://ift.tt/1eRCNdP
Lunch on the dock http://ift.tt/1piOwXB
Ouch.  I did not want to get up for #3 son’s flag football game this morning…and neither did he.  But we’re here now. http://ift.tt/1gUcT8d